Hiring Bean Bag Furniture & Beanbag Rental for Corporate Events, Parties, Festivals & Functions


Ambient Lounge has been hiring out designer bean bags to festivals, parties, corporate events, exhibitions, chill out lounges, weddings and many other functions since 2006. They are ideal for de-formalising business meetings and enhancing creativity in brainstorming sessions.

We believe in offering an alternative to wooden seats, traditional sofas and lifeless chairs and at affordable prices.

Recognising the stresses involved in organising an event of any size and assisted by our team of warehouse staff and delivery drivers, we will look to accommodate any drop-off and collection time requests together wtih doing our best to help fit in with the colour scheme / brand involved.

Once snuggled in, most people won't move from the blissful bean bag comfort for the rest of the night, we have teamed up with Uber Games to offer a collection of garden games to entice your guests from their seats and give those standing a chance to grab the best seat in the house.